Loan Application Checklist


Thank YOU for the opportunity to earn your business.

 "Surprises are for birthday parties, not real estate transactions". 
Below is a complete list of what we will need to avoid any surprises. :)



For a complete home purchase pre-approval, please remit the following information. Please allow 1-2 business days for review:



Documents we need – PDF only please – email, fax or drop off at our office:

ð        2016 and 2017 complete federal tax returns – including ALL schedules and pages

ð        2016 and 2017 W-2’s and/or 1099’s {If self-employed; complete business returns – including K-1’s for any partnerships, schedule C’s and 1120’s unreimbursed expenses}

ð        Most recent 30 days paystubs

ð        Past two month’s complete bank account statements – include ALL pages for any account being used for this transaction

ð        Copy of current 401K / IRA / other retirement statement – include ALL pages

ð        Copy of driver’s licenses for all borrowers

ð        Declarations sheet completed --> Brett will email to you

ð        Signed and Dated Borrower’s Authorization --> Brett will email to you (this will allow us to pull credit and verify your employment)


Questions we need answered – please send an email or attach a word doc with ALL answers:

ð        Residence history – include current and past addresses  going back at least two years – include whether owned or rented AND  how long (dates and years) lived at each address

ð        Work history - including: company, local work address, HR dept phone number, job title, hire date, end date, gross monthly income [must go back at least two years]
ð        Are you married?

ð        Number of dependents and each of their ages

ð        Number of total school years completed ex. high school = 12

ð        Current rent amount or copy of current mortgage statement

ð        Contact info for each borrower: cell phone and land line phone numbers, email addresses, and please indicate your preferred method of communication (phone, text, email)

ð        Price range of new home and location (which city and subdivision?)

ð        Amount of money to use for down payment  AND source

ð        Contact info for homeowner’s insurance

ð        Any potential credit issues? Bank Foreclosure, child support, collections, etc?

ð        Your Realtor’s name, company and contact info

Please email as PDF attachments or drop these items off at our office at 508 Main Street in Windsor - faxing of smaller attachments is fine too.